MOM SERVICES have a number of listed building refurbishement projects in our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, on matching and blending, use materials sympathetic to the building design. Our objective is to the reveal the beauty of your historic building while modifying the space to facilitate modern living or working.


MOM SERVICES employs only the best tradespersons to ensure the best result for you. We can refill mortar between the bricks of your property (pointing), to increase the lifespan of your brickwork, eliminate unsightly gaps and stop the ingress of water leading to internal damp patches. We will carefully mix the lime mortar to achieve the best possible match to the original mortar and to respect the era of the building.


Wooden sash windows are an integral part of the beauty of many period properties. However, they can be draughty and heating bills can be higher than necessary. MOM Services can refurbish your existing sash windows, to eliminate draughts and ensure smooth sliding sashes for easier opening and closing. Alternatively, MOM Services can replace your original sash with wooden sliding sash windows which have an “A” energy rating. MOM Services will be happy to inspect your windows, offer suggestions, and a free estimate for any work recommended.


MOM SERVICES offers specialist cleaning processes to reveal the beauty of your granite, stone or brick surface, while protecting these porous surfaces. This ensures the longevity of the material. We can repoint and repair any damage to joints.




Estimates from MOM Services are free and we will also offer design suggestions. MOM Services can review your property and/or architects drawings. Our estimates are itemised in detail, allowing you to add or subtract items and streamline costs.