Your roof is possibly the biggest culprit when it comes to excessive energy bills. As heat rises, it makes its way into your attic. If your attic is not sufficiently insulated, it escapes to the air outside. Current regulations recommend 300 mm of attic insulation. Most older properties will not have attic insulation reaching this specification. MOM Services can assess your attic and recommend remedial work to bring it up to current accepted levels of insulation.


MOM SERVICES ensures that our new build walls are insulated to above current regulations.
With an existing property, if your energy audit shows deficient insulation of the internal aspect of exterior walls, we can advise on your options with consideration of price, estimated savings on energy bills, and loss of space.


Cavity walls also lose an unacceptable amount of heat. We can reduce this heat loss by pumping the cavity with an appropriate insulating material.
All work will be carried out by qualified experienced tradespeople.


MOM SERVICES is Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) approved, meaning that we can advise you on the availability of grants to insulate your property.




Estimates from MOM Services are free and we will also offer design suggestions. MOM Services can review your property and/or architects drawings. Our estimates are itemised in detail, allowing you to add or subtract items and streamline costs.